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Cannes 2020

The Cannes Film Festival is the second largest media event in the world after the Olympic Games. Every year about 40,000 professionals and 200,000 spectators are taking part in it for approximately ten days in the city of Cannes. It therefore represents a major economic boost for the city of Cannes fir of its cultural and political significance.

However, the year 2020 began with some twists and turns and some last-minute changes had to be done in Cannes’ event calendar..

The impact of the COVID-19 is getting worse and worse across the world and there is a big health risk for consumers and the customers of all industries including marketing, creative and media sectors..

Major decisions have been taken following the importance of the Coronavirus epidemic and cancellations of events are on the increase.

The Cannes Film Festival was one of the last major international event to make an announcement on its 2020 edition. Thursday, March 19th, a common agreement was reached not to cancel the 73rd edition but to postpone it to late June-early July 2020.

It’s not the first time for the city of Cannes to see its festival disrupted. In fact, the first edition was supposed to be in 1939 but due to the war it had to be postponed until 1946. In addition to this, the twenty-first edition in 1968 was closed early because of the numerous demonstrations and strikes in France in May .

Today, the french are facing disruptions again at their Cannes Film Festival. This time the health risk of large gatherings proved to be too significant to ignore. 

So, what will be the future for the life of cinema? Even if we are in a period of confinement, the cinema stays hopeful, and keep, preparing for the future.

However, if the health situation does not improve before June, a digital festival could be considered.

Other Cannes events are affected like the Cannes Lions, a five-day International Festival of Creativity, which has also been postponed but this one will be scheduled for October 2021. So, unfortunately there will be no Cannes Lion for this year 2020.  

Moreover, the Mipim : the world’s leading real estate market event, the Festival Cannes Séries and the Advertising Festival have also been postponed to later dates.




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