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LCS ECO Delivery


LCS EcoDelivery is a luxury cycle delivery service for event invitations, movie tickets and any small items you wish to transfer from point A to B.
Gala dinner events tend to be located in the most beautiful locations on this planet, but often some of the most densely populated too. Getting those precious invites out to your attendees represent a real logistical challenge. Hopping from hotel to hotel in busy streets wastes hours by car/chauffeur. Whether it be the paparazzi infested streets of Cannes during the Film Festival, the maze of Monaco or the hillside of St Tropez, we are here to deliver your event invitations, small parcels, tickets, documents  and many more securely and in an environmentally friendly way.

One of our well dressed couriers will be assigned to assist you in distributing your invitations to concierges and villas across the city by bike. He/she will be highly presentable with knowledge of local hotels, offering a secure and trustworthy means of delivery service. We can also provide confirmation of receipt of your precious delivery.

If you are hosting or producing a high profile event hoping to make a positive difference in the world, please get in touch.  |  Tel: +44 7397 860260

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