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Cambridge Rewilding Conference 2019

I am so excited to announce our cooperation with Cambridge Conservation Forum and CitizenZoo as we accepted to get involved with their January 2019 Symposium: Rewilding and its Effects On Nature and People. The international conference will bring the best scientists from all over the world to initiate debate on how to solve conflict between farming and conservation and how to tackle the future challenges in the industry. Plastic pollution, restoring habitat, compromising between human needs and restoration issues, protection of endangered species are all going to be discussed. Although the event is happening in less than a month there is still a LOT to do so we will be busy throughout the holiday season to make sure our venue, staff, the programme and everything else is ready of our delegates and attendees on the 11th January 2019. We are looking forward to supporting these incredible organisations and help bring the solutions closer to us.

Stay in tune with our social media feed if you would like to hear more about the development of this project and the content of the conference.

For more information on the event please visit

Here is to a great start in 2019!



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