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The luxury event at the Chateau Bertaud Belieu in St Tropez is always a hub for a strange mingle between conservationists and A-list celebrities who gather to raise funds for the environmental focussed foundation. The LCS Events team is incredibly proud to be part of this mission and works day and night to make this event a unpaired success year after year. Our team was in charge of - delivering invitations to guests

- checking in guest

- seating guest at their tables

- auction spotting

- presenting auction items on stage

- assisting with the event production - trouble shooting on the night and more

LCS Events team Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala 2017

LCS Events is working with the prestigious international event production company AAB Productions who are in charge of stage bringing the vision of the fundraising chairman to life.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala venue St Tropez 2017

Local technical production is done by Tuff Consult who's creativity and professionalism is unpaired on the French Riviera. Together these companies transform a french countryside vineyard to the most luxurious and elite location in the Mediterranean this summer.

Domaine Bertaud Belieu, location of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Galas in St Tropez



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